Blower 1500 Watt (TFC 1.5)

275,00 (excl. VAT)

Blowers from The Fan Company are specially designed for inflating and maintaining pressure on large advertising objects and inflatables. The fans are easy to connect to the inflatables. This is a further developed version of the former SilverFan blowers. This blower model is often used for very large objects such as obstacle courses and large slides. This model is also often chosen for older inflatables that lose a little more air. This blower builds up just a little more pressure than the standard blower for inflatable castle.

Would you like to know which blower is suitable for inflating your bouncy castle? Then ask the supplier of your air cushion which blower is suitable for that type of inflatable castle.

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TFC1.5 230-50-eu


AC 220-230 V / 50 Hz


1.5 KW (2.0 HP)


10.5 A


2800 RPM


IP55, EN 14960


23.5 KG


550 x 270 x 420mm

Mouth diameter